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Chicago Food Machinery 12″ Deli Meat Slicer for Home Use


Are you tired of your old meat slicer because not only does it make ugly and messy cuts of your meat, but also because it doesn’t look good? Set you eyes upon the new meat slicer for home use, introducing the 12” Deli Slicer from Chicago Food Machinery.

The 12” Deli Slicer is a powerful little slicer that can make beautifully cut meats and cheeses with it very sharp stainless steel blades. This slicer for home use is manufactured by Chicago Food Machinery, one of the top brands in U.S. when it comes to manufacturing meat slicers for home and business use. With 20 years of experience in manufacturing the best slicers in the market, the 12” Deli Slicer is guaranteed to meet your every needs and expectation on having the best quality of meat slicer for home use. The 250 w, 1/3 Horse Power engine rotates at an amazing speed of 260 per minute. With this amazing speed and the super sharp stainless steel blade, you can easily cut through meat and bone without any problems at all! To make your slicing and cutting even more easily, the 12” Deli Slicer has a smooth surface for a easy sliding action when the meat is passing through the stainless steel.

Most other meat slicer for home use looks like a piece of industrial equipment. They may be powerful and can do the job, but they do not please the eyes. The 12” Deli Slicer is different from the rest in way that it is made to not only slice and cut very well, but also be good to look at. It is made and finished from a special alloy (oxidized magnesium aluminum) that makes it very pleasing to the eyes and very durable.

The maker’s of this amazing food slicer for home use is very confident that you will love the 12” Deli Slicer. They have put all their knowledge and technology in creating the 12” Deli Slicer so that it will deliver what the user expects from a Meat Slicer for homes that has the best quality at half of the price that other power slicers offer. They can afford to lower the price of this meat slicer for home use because they employ better efficiency in their production and they have a better distribution system.

The 12” Deli Slicer is both the picture of power and beauty at less the price than other meat slicer for homes in the market. The manufacturers firmly believe that ever one who will buy the 12” Deli Slicer will be satisfied with this meat slicer for home use. The reviews for the 12” Deli Meat Slicer has gotten a very high rating. All the owners who have bought this was very happy with their purchase. The only negative comment was that this food slicer for home use is really intended for home use. They say that if you were running a meat shop and going to use this for all day long, it might have some problems. All in all this is one of the best meat slicer for home use that you could ever buy. Getting the Chicago Food Machinery 12” Deli Slicer won’t be a wrong decision.

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