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Chef’s Choice 667 International Professional Electric Meat Slicer for Home Use


Meat slicers for home use are one of the best kitchen instruments ever made! It is the perfect kitchen mate to help you with your kitchen worries. It makes your work easier and lessens the time and effort you exert on slicing food in preparation for your meals. It is amazing how technology and innovation has made our daily lives easier. And now, one of the best meat slicers for home use that is available in the market is the new Chef’s Choice 667 International Professional Electric Meat Slicer.

Chef’s Choice 667 Meat Slicer Features and Specifications:

The Chef’s Choice 667 meat slicer has a commercial quality and made of die cast metal. It is very sturdy and will last you for a long time. It has a 10 inch diameter blade made of stainless steel that is perfect for slicing foods that are really hard to slice when using an ordinary knife. This special type of blade can be cleaned in two ways; one of which is by cleaning it while it is still attached to the meat slicer and the other way is to use a Plexiglas tool to remove it from the slicer and clean it separately. The latter method is more appropriate if you want a thorough cleaning of your meat slicer. Also, it features a blade sharpener that is built in the meat slicer. It is a very much convenient feature of the Chef’s Choice 667 once your blade becomes dull from too much usage. In that way, there is no need to buy a new blade or even a new meat slicer in the process.

Another good feature of Chef’s Choice 667 meat slicer and many household moms will surely agree, is that this amazing kitchen gadget has a double switch system. The first switch is for turning the meat slicer on. The second switch is for turning the blades on. A light indicator will tell the user if the blade is turned on, hence, minimizing the possibility of accidentally touching the blade, and therefore, preventing any accidents to occur.

The Chef’s Choice 667 Meat Slicer also has a thickness adjustment knob. This means that you can change the thickness of the slices that will be produced by the food slicer according to your needs. You can adjust the slicer to slice the meat, vegetables or cheese to paper thin pieces or if you want larger slices, you can adjust the size up to 0.6 inches thick.

Plus, when you use the Chef’s Choice 667 meat slicer, you will not have to worry about slicing extra large meat pieces like roast beef or chicken. If before, on other meat slicers, you have to make sure you put inside the slicer smaller pieces of food to fit in, the Chef’s Choice will not require you to do that anymore. Because of its large capacity food carriage, this meat slicer can slice even the extra large pieces smoothly and efficiently. Other features of the Chef’s Choice 667 are its quiet operation due to its 180 watt induction motor, and it has industrial bearings to make it retract fully.

Get up now and be one of those that have their own meat slicers for home use. Just be sure you get the right thing: Chef’s Choice 667 meat slicer!

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