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Pro Series Food Slicer


Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711 At A Glance

The Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711 looks like your ordinary meat slicer. But with it’s efficient stainless steel blade, it allows you to make amazing deli-thin slices or the extra-thick ones, depending on your mood.

The base is tilted and enables you to slice your meats with utmost precision.

We recommend the the Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711 for all your meat-slicing needs but go slower on the cheese because it pulls a little when it the blade goes through it.

Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711′s Main Highlights

The Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711 has a platform that extends for your extra-large quantities of sliced foods. It also has a safety interlock that will prevent any chances that you will accidentally turn it on.

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What the Customers Has To Say

We’ve made a review of the Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711 and now it’s time to find out what other people think of this product

“Excellent product for home use. Works great. Could provide a tool for removing the blade for cleaning. but not a difficult work around.”

– Glorbegood

“I have used my slicer twice now. It has worked well both times so far and was used to slice down roast beef. Something you cannot seem to find in a store any more; well at least not the nice rare non-marinated kind that you use to find years ago.” -Jeri-mi-oh-my

Where to Buy Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711

The Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711 can either be purchased from your favorite local store or on line. For great deals and discounts on this wonderfully cheap product, go to amazon.com and get more than fifteen percent off of it’s original price.

Where to Read More Customer Reviews of the Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711

The Pro Series Food Slicer PS77711 is a great product considering the price. But don’t just take our word for it, get one now and start saving money!


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