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How to choose the right meat slicer


When you purchase meat for cooking at home, you often ask the seller to slice your meat portion into pieces. Most of the time you would have wanted the pieces to be of your own chosen size and shape but your kitchen doesn’t have a knife sharp enough to cut through the bones like a meat slicer for home use would. The best option for having your steak of the size of your choice is to buy a meat slicer for home use and fit it to your kitchen. If you want to buy a meat slicer for home use, here are a few guidelines that will help you choose the best slicer for your kitchen. As you may be already aware of, the above stated device not only slices meat, but it can be used for other consumable goods such as cheese, fruits and even some vegetables.

First of all, you should know that meat slicer for home use exist in two categories; electric or manual. Electric refers to slice meat with a push button and have the blade run with an electric motor. The speed of running of the blade can be adjusted. It is the easiest way of slicing your meat at home. However, the manual meat slicer for home use, within which the blades are run manually, are also well appreciated in the home kitchen. It can be referred as an ancient way of slicing meat as in the past, there were no electric motors, but this does not mean that the meals prepared are not good. Some chef says the manual meat slicers give the sensation of shaping your meat through your own hands until they come into your plate.

How frequent do you use the Meat Slicer for Home Use?

Then you consider the frequency of usage. Just like for most devices, the specified usability are important to pay attention to in order to avoid over or under usage. This only takes some time to think about how much times you may be using the meat slicer for home use. If you are a frequent meat eater, that is you will be using the device almost everyday, a heavy duty meat slicer for home use is recommended. Else you opt for the light duty one but the risk is that it may over heat and damage the motor if used frequently to slice large amount of consumable goods. In any case, you can still purchase the Medium duty one which is most suitable, and you can allow yourself eating well sliced strips of cheese every morning for breakfast without overusing your apparatus.

Which Brand of Meat Slicer for Home Use should I choose?

As for every single type of product on the market, the brand names and prices vary accordingly. You may opt for highly recommended brands just to have peace of mind of safety and durability. Nevertheless, this normally depends on the budget you want to invest in such a luxury in your kitchen. Having a meat slicer for home use is a good investment as long as you respect the working modes and safety plus you will no longer have to strive with cutting through hard meat bones!


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