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Hobart slicer- premier food service equipment


At present, the Hobart slicer is one of the best supporting food equipment that mainly require for the food service as well as food retail industries. The manufacturers of Hobart are producing this product for the food industry to make food preparation and cooking. Whether you want the light, medium or heavy duty equipment, definitely, the Hobart slicer is an excellent option for you. Actually, this equipment now comes with sealed seams and easy removable parts for simple cleaning, so you will discover the amazing features for greater operation. Now, the new series of Hobart slicers come with half an inch knife drive motor and the automatic versions can integrate the proven belt-drive system to increase consistency.

When you buy this slicing equipment at first time, the factory trained Hobart service professionals are available to support install, maintain and also service the newly buying HS series slicer. The specialty of this knife is guaranteeing to deliver the long lasting performance. You can also obtain this HS series equipment with a lifetime warranty and very simple to operate while keeping the knife edge protected. However, this sharpen knife is not only protecting the constant cuts, but also specially made to improve the quality of each slice, while working together with the rear-mounted, removable and meat-grip muster to assure the safe product placement.

Excellent features of Hobart slicer equipment

The Hobart slicers are a high-class zero knife disclosure that keeps the user from accidentally touching a blade during the cleaning as well as sharpening process. But, this optional knife-removal feature is only available on selected models that include a patented knife removing tool that improves the cleaning and also guarantees that the blade edges are fully shielded. In addition to, the Hobart slicer is also coming with the following excellent and unique features that include:

  • Completely CE marked
  • Indicator light for safety
  • Made in dual stone sharpener
  • Soft and anodised aluminium body for hygiene
  • Gauge plate and knitted carriage for safety
  • Blade ring protection for safety, while blade is removed
  • Able to slice the food up to 20mm thickness
  • Accurately balanced for uncomplicated slicing
  • Removable blade and removable carriage makes the cleaning process very simple

Is HS series simple to clean from beginning to end?

In the series of Hobart slicer, the patented removable ring shield cover can prevent the debris formation on cutting the surfaces. This detachable carriage system, exclusive tilting, slide rod extension, rear mounted and detachable meat grip arm allows for thorough sanitation and cleaning. Along with these amazing features, the Hobart slicers can pretence the following:

  • Seamless base
  • Clasps that meet the NSF8 sanitation requirements
  • No-drip gauge plate is designed to direct the juices away from the user controls
  • Ware wash safe knife fenced within the high-class knife removal tool, so the water reaches out both sides of knife during the cleaning process

Overall, the Hobart slicer machines are very simple to use and easy to clean that allows you spend some time in making the next wonderful dish trouble free.


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