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Chefs Choice 662 International Professional Meat Slicer with 8.6-Inch Diameter Blade


The perfect Meat Slicers for home use are now available in the market to invade your kitchens! Introducing the new and fantastic food slicer, the Chef’s Choice 662 International Professional Electric Food Slicer, one of the best food slicer ever made. It is fast, powerful and a very efficient tool to help you in your kitchen dilemmas! The very powerful and rugged meat slicers for home use not only slices large blocks of meat and other types of foods, like ham and roast, but it can also slice smaller foods such as vegetables, cheeses and even breads, because of its thick adjustment knob. It is very useful that you will enjoy cooking for your family even more. If you are having any problems with slicing your food in thin deli-slices, worry no more! Chef’s Choice 662 International Professional Electric Food Slicer has given you the answer to your problems. It is capable of slicing meat and other food pieces from deli-thin slices up to ½ inch thick.

Chef’s Choice 662 Meat Slicers Features and Specifications:

Chef’s Choice 662 has 8.6 inches blade from surgical stainless steel materials and comes with its own detachable sharpener. In that way, after so much use of this one of kind meat slicers for home use and the blade starts to become dull, you can just use its detachable sharpener. You do not have to waste money on buying a new food slicer.

Unlike other food slicers being sold in the market, it has a 180 watt induction motor, which means that whenever you use this kitchen tool in making your favorite meal, you will not have to bear the noise of the machine working. It works smoothly and very quietly that it seems not working its motor at all. You will just be shocked to see your food or meat sliced like there is no effort at all.

The Chef’s Choice 662 also has a double switch system; the first switch is for turning the slicer on and the second switch which is spring loaded to ensure the safety of the user, is for turning on the blade. The double switch system is very useful to avoid any unwanted accidents concerning the blade. Also, there is a light indicator whenever the blade is turned on. Even if the machine is turned on, if you haven’t switched on the second button yet, the blade will not operate.

Aside from the double switch system, the Chef’s Choice 662 also has a switch that doesn’t allow the meat slicer from operating if the blade is not properly placed in the meat slicer. Another great feature of this food slicer is its large food capacity. There is no more need of slicing your food in batches, with the Chef’s Choice 662, just dump the whole lot inside the slicer and voila! You’ve finished slicing and are now ready to cook that delicious meal for you and your family. It saves time and effort for your part.

The Chef’s Choice 662 is an awesome kitchen gadget for every family to have in their kitchen. Having their own meat slicers for home use can give them more time to spend with their loved ones.


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