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Chef’s Choice 630 International Gourmet Electric Meat Slicers for Home Use


Are you embarrassed that every time you serve food to your friends and family, they keep on noticing that the slices of the meat, bread or even cheese are all uneven and crude? Does your husband tease you about your different sliced meals? Well, it’s now time for you to have your own meat slicers for home use! Never again will you feel the humiliation from your slicing abilities. Watch as you serve your family and friends perfectly sliced meats and vegetables through the use of this wonderful kitchen gadget, Chef’s Choice 630 International Gourmet Electric Food Slicer. It is perfect, wonderful and amazing! You cannot ask for any more with this wonderful food slicer!

Chef’s Choice 630 Meat Slicers for Home Use Features and Specifications:

Meat slicers for home use are really very much ideal to have in your kitchen. It makes your everyday cooking a very easy feat. No more struggling when you slice large blocks of roast meat or beef, even smaller foods like vegetables, bread and cheese. Use this amazing kitchen gadget and watch as it slices the food into perfection.

The Chef’s Choice 630 International Gourmet Electric Food Slicer, unlike other meat slicers for home use, is a very versatile food slicer. Other food slicers that you can buy in the appliances stores are only limited to slicing certain foods. Other food slicers can only slice smaller foods like fruits, vegetables and cheeses. There are also others that are only used for slicing meat. But with the Chef’s Choice 630, you can slice almost any food product that needs slicing! Be it fruits, vegetables, meat, name it, and this amazing food slicer can slice them at ease.

Another feature of the Chef’s Choice 630 Meat Slicers for Home Use is its 100 watt condenser motor. It operates oh so smoothly and quietly that you cannot even notice this gadget working. Through that, you can even make quick midnight snacks like a ham sandwich without waking up everyone in your house! You can also surprise your mother or father with your own homemade dish! Isn’t it amazing?

The Chef’s Choice 630 Meat Slicers for Home Use also has a thickness adjustment knob. You can make various slices from paper thin ones to thicker 5/8 inch slices. It has a 7 inch surgical stainless steel blade used to make those perfect and wonderful slices. Also, it has a child safety switch, which ensures your child’s safety when they accidentally touch this kitchen tool. Because it is made from sturdy and rugged plastic and stainless steel materials, you can be rest assured that it will be of service to your cooking needs for a long time. Lastly, it has a rubber feet or base. This feature makes sure that the slicer is in stable position and that it may not slip when slicing meat and other food products.

Now, you can make those perfect sandwiches, salads and party goods through the help of this food slicer. Say goodbye to crudely sliced foods and watch how you magically turn every dishes into perfect meals with this new Chef’s Choice 630 International Gourmet Electric Food Slicer. Remember, meat slicers for home use can be a great tool and friend to your kitchen worries.


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